Public Philosophy & Public Writing

Public Philosophy

"The Roles of the Political Philosopher." The Philosopher, Autumn 2022. Published version.

In this essay, a version of the introductory chapter of my dissertation, I introduce and explore several questions about the roles of the political philosopher. I take issue with what I call the Simple Picture, according to which political philosophers are merely philosophers who study politics. I oppose this view in light of the fact that political philosophy is a complex social practice. I present an extended analogy between the impact of political philosophy and the impact of religious practices on society. And I conclude by providing some initial motivation for my five-part conception of the role(s) of the political philosopher.

"Event Recap: Graham Priest Lecture." The Kenyon Observer, 2013. Link.

This is a short piece I wrote about a talk that Graham Priest gave at Kenyon College while I was an undergraduate there. The talk was called "Revising Logic."

Writing About the Profession

"Anxiety." Blog of the APA, April 21, 2023. Link.

In this short piece, I reflect on some of the anxiety that I and other philosophy graduate students face.

Audio Recordings of Philosophy Texts

Occasionally, I make audio recordings of public domain philosophy texts.